Burt® is the world’s first advanced and affordable end-effector robotic manipulator for upper-extremity rehabilitation training and robotics research which is based on the proven WAM technology developed by Barrett Technology. With transparent dynamics, low inertia, and mass, Burt® is designed to be a 3D haptic device of choice for those who desire high-fidelity force feedback throughout a human-sized work volume. Burt® supports researchers with new hardware and software modalities necessary for robotics research.*


  • Neurorehabilition research

  • Sensorimotor training

  • 3D Haptically-enabled control

  • Human-machine interaction

  • Workspace/Force scaling

  • Master-Slave and Tele-operation

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Vocational therapy

  • Teletherapy

Hardware features

  • 3-DOF robotic manipulator

  • Backdrivable gearless transmissions

  • Forearm cuff end-effector supports the human arm

  • Easy handedness switching & subject setup

  • Adjustable lifting-column height

  • Safety System regulates force, torque, and velocity outputs for safe use

  • Lockable caster wheels

  • Bilateral (2-systems) ready

  • Custom endpoints (contact support)

Software Tools

  • Medical software with engaging exergames

  • MonoDevelop and Unity Integrated development environments

  • Open source libraries:

    • BurtSharp (C#) control library for development of custom Burt® applications

    • BurtSharp-Unity-extension library for development of virtual and haptic simulations

    • Well-documented examples make it easy to control Burt® and develop custom haptics and virtual fixtures

  • Software and Firmware updates over the internet


Download Burt® Research PDF



*The BURT® Research system is an excellent choice for advanced research, where you wish to develop your own applications. However, if you wish to use a Burt® on patients in a clinical setting, please explore the medical version of the Burt® system at medical.barrett.com