Bill Townsend

President & CEO

Bill Townsend is President & CEO of Barrett Technology, which he founded in 1988 to advance the state of human-machine interaction. He has a dozen issued patents in the US, Europe, and Japan and won the prestigious Robotic Industries Association Joseph Engelberger Award in Technology for his 1987 design of the first haptics-capable robot. This device (the “WAM® arm) was also chosen as the world’s most advanced robot in the Millennium Edition of the Guinness Book of Records. He earned his PhD and MS degrees in engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (now CSAIL) and a BS in mechanical engineering at Northeastern University.


David Wilkinson

Chief Technology Officer

Dave Wilkinson received BS and MS engineering degrees from the Johns Hopkins University and Carnegie Mellon University. He also received a Siebel Scholarship, which recognizes the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools in engineering and business. His research at Carnegie Mellon included assisting in the development of the ACT Hand – a robotic hand designed to mimic the true mechanics of the human hand. He has worked in industry for 22 years and has helped manage 12 SBIR Phase-I and 6 Phase-II projects and other outside-funded projects. Over the past decade, he has focused on managing the engineering of Barrett’s sophisticated products, including the development and production of BURT.


Robert DeNicola

VP, sales

Rob’s focus has been to exchange ideas and information to better serve both Barrett and the end users who rely upon our rehabilitation solutions. Rob reaches out to collaborate and share informal networking advice, guidance and contacts across all facets of executive sales and operations bridging a variety of industries to identify best practices. Rob’s strengths include strategic planning, tactical execution, business development, leadership, and coaching. He has many years experience leading sales teams to deliver premium capital equipment products to hospitals for rehabilitation.


Brian Zenowich

VP, Technology

Brian Zenowich is an electrical engineer with a special talent for embedded systems firmware. Before joining Barrett in 1999, he held engineering positions at Onset Computer Corporation and Ingress Security. He has been instrumental at Barrett for the innovative design and success of the Puck ultraminiature motor controller (a key enabling technology driving all of Barrett’s robotic products). He also leads the software development efforts for BURT and all of Barrett’s products and research projects.