Lightweight 980 grams

  •  Conserves robot-arm payload capacity
  • Minimizes geometric interference
  • Reduces accelerated inertia
  • Enhances safety


  • Minimizes space, wires, and signal noise


  • Adaptable to objects scaled for human grasping, such hand-held tools
  • Intuitive application development

Low Profile

  • Minimizes torque on robot's wrist and kinematic cross - coupling

Proprietary reconfigurable spreading fingers

  • Can grasp a wide variety of objects, with a variety of grasp styles
  • Allows flexible automation without the increased cost and decreased throughput of tool changers

Patented TorqueSwitch™ mechanism distributes grasp forces

  • Firm grasp, even on delicate and precision surfaces

Two control modes: Supervisory Mode, RealTime Mode

  • Allows robot programmers to issue either high-level commands or close low-level loops outside of the hand

High speed capability

  • Improved throughput in pick-and-place applications
  • Dynamic capture capability

Brushless Rare-Earth servo motors

  • Lower rotor inertia/fast response
  • No brush wear/replacements
  • High torque, low mass
  • Explosion proof 
  • Carbon brush particles eliminated
  •  Vacuum compatibility

All electric—no pneumatics, no hydraulics

  • Clean and quiet — no pumps, no hoses, no seals, no filters, no leaks

Mechanical and electronic intelligence

  • Low-level hand behaviors automatically ensure secure grasps
  • Enables supervisory-style control

Backdrivable palm-spread transmission

  • Fingers readjust to most stable spread configuration

Non-backdrivable finger transmission

  • Object remains secure without power
  • Payload capacity not limited by active squeezing force




    Driver specifications provided

    • Enables robot programmers to incorporate hand commands into any C-language program

    Manual-override grasp release

    • Target can be freed manually in case of prolonged power loss

    Quick mechanical/electric disconnect

    • Quick/simple arm attachment

    High-level CPU command interpreter inside hand

    • Simplifies any programing and minimizes I/O traffic

    Fast, low-level access to actuator commands and sensor signals

    • Superior programming flexibility

    Support for industry standards: CANbus, USB, serial RS-232

    • Standard interface allows easy integration with any host computer
    • Open architecture enables software development with any platform or language

    All necessary software, cables, DC power supply, maintenance kit, manuals included in base price

    • System can be checked and used immediately
    • Hassle-free installation

    Bench-top stand, included with base system

    • Provides convenient platform for testing

    Optional low-profile, mounting adapters available for any robot arm

    • Simplifies integration

    C-Language command library for PCs masks tedious I/O details

    • Workcell controller can access hand commands immediately

    High-speed communications

    • Enables flexibility to communicate with a wide variety of devices and computers
    • Enables realtime control from user's PC

    Optional Fingertip torque sensors

    • Enables direct fingertip torque sensing
    • Enables finger self-preservation

    Optional 96-cell tactile sensing across fingers and palm

    • Enables mapping of pressure distribution with precise localization

    Optional Perception Palm

    • LED
    • Laser
    • Two cameras
    • IR Range Finder
    • Compatible with all robot arms
    • ROS-compatible
    • USB-compatible


    • Twelve-month standard warranty covers materials, labor and software upgrades (extendable up to 4 years)