Lightweight design
Reduces moving inertia for faster cycle times

Compact, small footprint
Efficient use of space; adaptable to mobile platforms

Long and slender links
Reaches in and around obstacles with ease

Extends force control along entire surfaces of joints throughout links

Kinematic redundancy
Unusually high dexterity in either 4 or 7 degree-of-freedom configurations

Human-like kinematics
Arm links form grasps around large objects (~1 m)



270-degree average joint mobility
Enhances dexterity and agility even beyond human capability

Zero-backlash and near-zero friction
Extraordinarily graceful motion

Modular construction
Interchangeable components

Brushless rare-earth
High torque, low mass, lower rotor inertia, servo motors and vacuum compatibility

Open control architecture
Excellent research tool: direct access to sinusoidally commutated current amplifiers for developing advanced control algorithm