P3™:  New Patent / New Product

The Puck®—weighing only 4 grams

The Puck®—weighing only 4 grams

Barrett wins Puck® Patent #10,148,155.

This is the 4th patent supporting the Puck®, so named for its resemblance to a hockey puck. The 3rd-generation Puck®, aka P3™, is an amazing accomplishment. At only 4 grams (1/6X smaller than the nearest competitive brushless-servomotor drive), P3™ represents a game-changer for OEMs who need an extremely compact and networked servomotor-controller+encoder with vastly simplified wiring. 

Barrett collaborated with Draper’s internationally-renowned engineers and resources to subject P3™ to extremes of temperature, vacuum, and vibration under NASA contract #NNX17CP20C. This tough little CANbus-networked device, the diameter of a penny and less than 5 pennies thick, contains a 12-bit absolute encoder, 32-bit processor, and power electronics, adding less length to the motor than a typical encoder alone.

According to Barrett CEO, Bill Townsend, "We've actually been in the motor-controller business for 20 years, developing the Puck®. But the Puck® has been mostly hidden from view as we've been its chief OEM customer until recently. Now we want to share this technology with others as a way to make the biggest impact." In 2017, Barrett quietly began selling its new P3™ to OEM customers and has so far sold more than 1,000 P3s in commercial applications (medical, aerospace, entertainment) all working hard under various operating environments across several continents. 

For more information on this ultraminiature brushless servomotor controller+encoder, please visit the P3™ page.