Introducing the

Puck® P3


The Puck® P3™   actual size is 17.8-mm wide

The Puck® P3™
actual size is 17.8-mm wide

So many features,
so very small

The Puck® P3 is an ultra-miniature, high-performance brushless servomotor controller that simplifies complex multi-actuator designs! It is easily integrated into any application requiring maximum power efficiency, low mass, and compact size. The revolutionary Puck® P3™ is networked with an integrated encoder and precision current sensor. It controls the torque output of a brushless servomotor with state-of-the-art space-vector commutation and low torque ripple.

• An all-in-one solution
• Built-in encoder eliminates wiring rat’s nest
• 6X smaller than the next-smallest competitor


The Puck® P3 in action


Features and Specifications

  • High-speed CANopen communication with software-controllable termination resistor 

  • 4 (or optionally 5)-wire bus topology: 2-wire CAN, Motor power 12-50 vdc, Ground, Logic power (optional) 

  • Up to 31 controllers/bus 

  • Built-in magnetic encoder 

  • 5- and 3.3-vdc auxiliary outputs

  • Integrated current sensing 

  • Space-vector commutation 

  • 32-bit floating-point processor

  • Low torque ripple 

  • Quiet, fanless operation 

  • Internal temperature sensing

  • In-system field-upgradeable firmware

  • Digital Hall-effect feedback 

  • Adjustable PWM frequency 

  • Motor-temperature sensing 

  • Dual analog inputs (16-bit) 

  • Up to 4 digital I/O 

  • External encoder capable:
    SPI or quadrature

  • SPI master peripheral support

Competitor Comparison

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More Information

The Puck® P3™ is a networkable high-performance brushless single-axis motion controller and amplifier with an integrated encoder and precision current sensing. It controls the torque output of a brushless servomotor with state-of-the-art space-vector commutation and low torque ripple. You can also command velocity, position, or give the controller a target position to reach using its built-in trapezoidal velocity controller.

P3 is the product of two decades of design, development, testing, and refinement of the motor controllers used in our own robots. With a volume of only 1.9 cm3 and a total weight of only 4 grams, Puck® P3™ is designed to replace a standard motion controller and amplifier while taking up less space than a typical encoder. When mounted directly onto the motor body, the close proximity of the controller eliminates the encoder-to-controller wiring issues encountered with standard motion-control setups such as wire routing, connectoritus, signal degradation, EMI, I²R power losses, and cable bulk.

Up to 31 P3s may be networked together on a single, easy to manage, 4- or (optionally) a 5-wire bus. Two wires are used for robust, industry-standard CANopen communications. One wire supplies motor power, one wire is a ground, and an optional 5th wire can supply logic power separately.

Puck® P3™ controls a wide range of motor voltages from 16 to 50 vdc without any reconfiguration. It is designed to command a smooth, continuous torque, even when the input voltage is unstable.

Please contact Barrett's experts at to see if the Puck® P3™ is a good solution for your OEM application.


Avoid the rat’s nest of wires!

Puck® P3™ is an all-in-one solution so you don’t have to deal with the mess of wires and connectors.